3 incredible videos of a young Canadian bodybuilder!

3 incredible videos of a young Canadian bodybuilder!
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Are you hesitant to start bodybuilding or bodybuilding? These 3 videos should make you change your mind! Succeeding at 21 Devin Bernardo is simply unthinkable! 

3 incredible videos of a young Canadian bodybuilder 

Devin Bernardo’s passion for bodybuilding appeared at a very young age. His father also practiced discipline and Devin recalls going to the hall regularly with Derrick (his father) when he was still young. In short, he grew up in the gym.

As soon as he was old, he also began to do bodybuilding. Derrick took the time, after work, to bring his son and friends to the room where he spent hours teaching them how to train and lift weights. This passion grew and the young man spent at least 3 hours in the gym, lifting weights every night. Derrick and Jill (his mother) saw how genetically talented their child was and made a deal with him, that as long as the school had good grades, they would support them in his dream of bodybuilding competition.

The least we can say is that it worked well for him. He won his first junior bodybuilding competition at the age of 18. Now 21, the young man has grown well and his muscles are simply impressive. He regularly reveals clichés on Instagram and here are 3 of his most incredible videos:

Amazing is not it? The thigh moves alone. Then here are his biceps working:

And finally, here is the huge and dry back of Devin Bernardo!

To find this phenomenon of bodybuilding that will probably talk about him in the coming years, just follow him on Instagram or go to his site where he offers various training.