5 Pro Tips To Boost Your Performance

They load and unload bars all day, climb, run, swim, crawl, shoot … The best cross-fitters give us their best tips for boosting performance.

5 Pro Tips To Boost Your Performance

“Always have fun”: Tia-Clair Toomey

What really helped me during these years of training is to have a lot of fun. It serves to have challenges, goals or competitions, but the most important thing is that all your sport does not become constraints, obligations, barriers. We are sometimes in a hurry, stressed, dead, but do not forget that sport is a way to find happiness. If this is not the case, adapt your session or change your discipline.

”  Mastering the fundamentals  “: Dan Bailey

For any movement, be good mechanics. Do not try to load the bar overnight because your neighbor is doing it, or you want to “gain strength”. Realize a beautiful deadlift or a shoulder controlled and validated by your coach to move on more complex movements. Only then, put intensity and stay constant in your practice.

“Educate yourself to nutrition”:  Tia-Clair Toomey

Honestly, before, I did not eat very well. I took a lot of food to take away. Not very healthy. Nutrition has helped me progress and improve all aspects of my fitness: my training, my recovery, but also my feelings, my appearance, my skin quality … In this, the CrossFit is not only a program but a tool to educate you and train you in a healthy lifestyle.

“Stay humble”: Scott Panchik

In one way or another, we all had a workout that kindly (or not) put us back in place. This will continue to happen to us all. The more you become “fit”, the more it will sting. It’s part of the way. To obtain the form of one’s life and to maintain it requires a lot of mental strength. Each year, we face new challenges, we take stock of what we have succeeded or not to stay on top. This year, I worked dumbbells series to be more efficient in transitions. And you?