Bodybuilding and couple life

The topic of the day is certainly not the easiest to approach. I am sure that all men who are passionate about fitness have come up against or are still facing the problem of being in a relationship. It must be said that the gym is like a second girlfriend and it takes a lot of time in the week. I do not want to be sexist either so I’m also sure that sportswomen also have to deal with these problems with their darlings!

But why is it so difficult to combine love and passion for sport? Is it possible to find ways to mix bodybuilding and life without losing ground on one side or the other?

But what causes so many problems?

Obviously, if the “fitness” lifestyle and the life of a couple are difficult to reconcile, it is good that there is a reason. I do not think that it is the simple fact of doing sport that bothers our partners, it is especially a life that goes with it. You know it quite well as I do, when we are infected with the sport and bodily wellness virus in general, we can not do without it. The more we move forward, the more we will be caught up in an irresistible urge to go back, even more, to go further and further, we eternally dissatisfied that we are!

The fitness enthusiast or say of body development is in the obligation to impose real constraints in the long term to be able to visualize the results that he hopes so much. Goodbye junk food, hello healthy meals, sometimes unusual food for most people, unfortunately (sweet potato, basmati rice, oats, seeds …). It’s no wonder that if your spouse does not share the same passion for physical activity or body development at all, it’s almost impossible not to confront one another at a particular moment in time. misunderstanding of one or the other. (Simple recipe made from sweet potato)

Our spouse has never pushed as far as we will to eat well and sometimes still remains prisoner of certain clichés like the one who says that bread is good or that pasta does not make you fat, it is not rare more that even wanting to make some efforts, it is unfortunately not enough to stick with our own expectations. And then, we must also admit that the more we advance in our transformation, the less our tolerance for deviations is important, which makes cohabitation less and less obvious over time.

To conclude this first part, we can simply say that the addict to fitness requires a lot of understanding from his partner. It will even depend at times on the goodwill of his lover (s) kindly help him not to give in to the temptation of a bar of milk chocolate or other chocolate cakes all willing to negate his efforts!

How to make his two passions cohabit?

I stop you in your thoughts, I will not introduce myself as an expert on the relationship and even less as an expert in coexistence between bodybuilding and life in two in general. It is obvious that each couple has its own story and especially that I have not found myself an infallible solution to all the constraints that exist.

Yet, there must be ideas to succeed in mixing the two passions that drive us so much or at least to avoid that they clash perpetually with us in the middle.

Do you make a strict schedule and stick to it?

First idea, to make real planning. As you know, to achieve your goals of physical change, you have to train regularly and control your diet. It may be wise to determine the days you will train so as to leave the least possible space for the unexpected for your partner who will know at once what are the special moments during which you will have time to devote to it. From my personal experience, I can tell you that there’s nothing worse than imagining you can spend time with the person you love before seeing your ideas fly away from an unexpected training session. room. Already bodybuilding is difficult to accept, it is even more difficult when it arises by surprise!

Trying to make a mini home room?

Another hypothesis and probably one of the most difficult to find a better balance would be to get a maximum of equipment to train at home. Well yes, after all, what bothers our partner in our fitness lifestyle is the time we sometimes spend at the gym. It seems quite obvious that the pill would be better if it was possible to train at home. I think I’m not the only one dreaming of having a room with all the necessary equipment just for me, without having to queue for a dumbbell or a bench!

Only, to pay for this luxury is very expensive so it is advisable to try to target a minimum of effective equipment allowing us to be able to make a small intense home session from time to time or so to put to other types of trainings like the crossfit to the weight of the body for example.

Again, I tell you that, but it is still very difficult to reproduce the conditions of a room at home, it will often miss something for your training is perfect … but hey, at least your spouse (e) can not say that you do not make a little effort.

Trying to convert your partner to your lifestyle?

Who says situation sometimes complicated, says desperate attempt to find solutions. The difficulties of living as a couple when we are addicted to the room very often come from the fact that we do not have the same way of seeing things about our eating habits, our physical activities, etc… Why not try to convince your sweetheart that your lifestyle is the best way to make you happy? It often happens that we convince ourselves of something just because we have always heard it or are accustomed to seeing it around us, so maybe by seeing you eat healthily, you physically go beyond and see your body change, your partner will let go to follow your path!

It is sure that the task is not at all easy since he or she will also try to continually bring you back to his “lifestyle” hoping that you will one day let loose your crazy passion for the sport which after all cannot be that ephemeral in his mind.

In summary

It is often said for many things that there is no quick fix. This is, even more, the case for the difficult cohabitation between a couple’s life and passion for the sport in general. All I can say to finish this article is that it is hard enough to train regularly and to move your body further, so if you have to fight against the person you like to be able to devote time to your passion, the difficulty is multiplied! Teamwork is more effective in the long term, know it!

And you, then, have you found solutions?