The Best Cardio Tips for Dummies

Finally, here we are. A big sun, big temperatures, aperitifs on the terrace and long clear evenings. We are finally in summer! And who says summer, obviously says many improvised joggers on gym mats or elsewhere who have only one goal. Run as long as possible to finally lose all that fat that depresses them so much.

There are many clichés that still fill the heads of bodybuilding practitioners, especially when it comes to losing weight or fat more precisely. We all said we had to run as much as possible to sweat more, to spend more calories to finally have the body of our dreams on the beaches. In short, we all went wrong at one point.

As I am a benevolent person that I wish my experiences serve newcomers in the field of physical and psychological change, I thought it would be interesting to give you some tips to finally know where to start in cardio.

In this article, you will learn a little secret about me and above all, I hope that you can change your course of action as long as there is still time. Here is the little guide to jogging for dummies.

First, a little secret.
I could not start writing this article without telling you about a little cardio secret at home. I do not particularly like cardio, I do not like cardio and I think I will never be totally a fan of it. If I tell you this, it’s simply because nature has decided to blame me for this level, which is called asthma. And yes, I have asthma associated with an allergy to pollen grasses. All this to tell you, that running has often punctuated for me with a breathing problem, unable to follow my school friends, finish line last at the college cross … In short a torture.

If I tell you this is because today, by perseverance and a little technique, I managed to tame this small handicap in order to finally become an accomplished sportsman able to achieve the objectives that he fixes himself. So, if you ever go too far and you think it’s impossible. I invite you to leave nothing and read the paragraphs that follow.

Cardio is long and boring.
When I listen carefully to the people around me about it. I realize that the same sentences often come back in a loop. “Why would I waste my time running”, “Do not think about anything, look in the void, sweat more, I do not see the interest”, “I have foot pain when I run” … In short, how do not agree, it is true that at the beginning, the image we have of running is often that of the marathon runner or long distance in general that we see on TV.

In addition, I am sure you have also visited the gym mat of your room or even outside saying “Good! Let’s go for a good old jog an hour of history to sweat and dry well “I’m sure you did a good old bodybuilding session just before or after to keep even a good mass muscular. Basically, you were and you may still be torn between the desire to lose fat and keep muscle. It’s clear that we go running for hours, you go right into the wall. In this regard, take a look at my tips to succeed your friends dry!

Use the cardio and not the other way around.
Despite all these clichés mentioned above, you have understood my friends cardio is not just running for hours without knowing why. Cardio is simply making your heart work to make it more resistant to effort as you go. The benefit of cardio during a dry is that by accelerating your heart rate, you will necessarily increase the speed of your metabolism and thus the consumption of calories. Yet there is no single way to go far from it. See instead.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
My favourite. I know, I often talk to you about this training method for the simple reason that it is she who allowed me to really take a liking to the heart effort while finally reaching my goals.

I’m not going to give you a whole speech about it but the goal is simply to alternate slow and fast running. Your heart will do the yoyo and therefore get muscle. The big advantage is that HIIT allows you to train less while increasing the overall metabolic rate. And unlike low cardio (cardio slow and long) which is catabolic, it is an anabolic effort because it is short and intense, which is conducive to muscle progression. Basically, if you want to burn fat while keeping your muscles, this is the way to go.

Swimming is a bit like running but in the water. This is where I started when I wanted to start a higher cardio activity. I thought I hated running and it was hot, so why not try. The advantage of this discipline is that you can adapt it to the HIIT training method for example but also avoid sweating like crazy during the effort. The plus is that you will work your overall muscle mass by working the upper body.

Without swimming, I will never have learned how to handle my breathing gaps properly.

The CrossFit.
Warning. I can already hear you crying wolf thinking that I’m saying anything. The CrossFit is bodybuilding and nothing else will tell you. Well, if you really think it is that you have not understood anything about the philosophy of this discipline. I will do an article on the subject one day.

The basic idea of ​​CrossFit is to increase overall physical capabilities. The goal is to turn you into a true athlete as long as you can keep up. The cardio, therefore, has an important part in this method of training since the efforts are very intense, varied and with very limited rest time. You will understand, your heart will beat at full speed throughout your session.

It’s up to you to do jumping, pushing, pulling or squatting exercises without any rest time. It is a little on this principle that I base myself when I want to dry in the room. You will feel your heart explode and your muscles swell with blood for your greatest happiness in front of the mirror.