How to adapt your bodybuilding program according to your time?

I often hear about time as an essential factor for progressing well in bodybuilding. It is true that it is not easy to release a few hours for good sports sessions in the week when you have a full-time job, but it is still possible to adapt his weight training program. according to his available time. Here are my ideas:

You can go to room 5 times a week:
Well, as you say right now, it’s ideal! You can take the time to develop each important muscle especially at the beginning and of course with a suitable diet, your progress can be faster.

The idea of ​​program 5 days a week:
Monday: Pecs – Abdos
Tuesday: Biceps – Triceps
Wednesday: Thighs – Calf – Abdos
Thursday: Back – Shoulders – Trapezes
Friday: Cardio – Abdos
Weekend: Rest
This program is an idea, of ​​course, you can sacrifice two days in the week to practice the weekend for example. The idea is mainly to grow the time you have working properly each muscle.

The idea of ​​program 4 days a week:
Monday: Pecs – Triceps – Abs
Wednesday: Thighs – Biceps – Abs
Friday: Back – Shoulders
Saturday: Cardio – Abs
Well, you have a session less than ideal, this is my case, I try to go to the room at least 4 times a week with a focus on intense sessions, with a reduced rest and well-executed and varied exercises for the different muscles that I want to develop.

The idea of ​​a 3-day program per week:
Monday: Pectoral – Biceps – Thighs – Abs
Wednesday: Back – Triceps – Shoulders – Abs
Friday: Cardio – Abdos
It gets complicated, not much time in the week, a job that does not allow you to have a lot of free time. You can still progress, but you will have to impose intense sessions, with the shortest rest possible by trying to do some exercises in a superset (without rest time between two exercises) to find the burn faster. You can also favor a degressive work to shock the muscle more importantly if you master the different movements. However, I do not specifically recommend this practice to beginners.

In summary
You have understood, the less time you have in the week, the more you will multiply the muscles to develop during the same session. Progress is not impossible if you can not go to the room 5 times a week, but I especially advise you to impose very intense sessions, with short rest periods and well-done exercises pushed to the extreme. to accentuate the good muscle burn.

You have several programs that can be adapted like the superset or the degressive. It is also important that you select the muscles that you want to work by sacrificing the shoulders, trapezius or calves that will already be solicited through the other exercises.

You choose according to what you prefer and especially your experience! Do not be discouraged because you have less time, on the contrary, make it into a force!