How to keep your motivation for weight loss?


How to keep your motivation on a daily basis?

Losing weight, (or gaining 😉) is a time-consuming process.

And that says time, said motivation necessary to the daily to finally reach something.

At first sight, it seems that it is nutrition or sport that is the most difficult for a successful diet.

But in reality, the most complex part is managing one’s motivation.

Nutrition or sports programs can be learned, it can be bought, …

While the motivation, it will depend only on us and our ability to surpass ourselves.

Changing your body is not an easy process, and that’s normal.

Before talking about methods to boost motivation and organize effectively, I think it’s important to stress this point: easy things will not bring you anything in life.

And on the contrary, things that are difficult, that require effort and investment, will really bring you.

And it’s very good like that!

how to keep your motivation

It is by surpassing oneself, surpassing oneself that one is proud of oneself and of what one accomplishes.

Training, changing your diet and doing more to change your body is not trivial.

Anodyne things like cutting one’s nails or shaving will not bring you anything in oneself.

Difficult things like studying or a global change in your life, they will, however, bring you tremendously through all the efforts you will provide to achieve them.

So yes it’s hard to get up 1h earlier in the morning to go to training, yes it’s hard to have to prepare his meals regularly, yes it’s hard to go running after a day at the work, …

But that’s how it works. 
We have nothing without nothing.

daily motivation

The fact that it’s hard does not mean it’s not for you.

The fact that it is hard shows that it is worth it.

And that you must prove your worth by surpassing yourself.

And do not think that some people will not have to deal with these kinds of problems, all those who have managed to transform their bodies have had to deal with the same declines of morale and motivation.

It takes work, diligence, and sacrifice …

But ultimately, the one who has the power to change his body to the power to change his life .


What is needed is to rationalize what we undergo and put it back into the overall context of our physical evolution.

  1. Ask yourself why you want to do it, what do you expect to achieve, achieve? What do you gain from suffering so much and what do you have to lose? You will be able to refocus on your fundamentals and that, it will allow you to face the declines of motivation: set clear objectives, simple and precise. And when you have slack, you will remember them, which will give you a boost.
  2. Do not be defeatist / too hard with yourself: by dint of belittling yourself, you will end up having a loser attitude … Say you: ok tonight I did not perform well in the room where I cracked while eating a pastry, but tomorrow I will not give in and I’ll be better.
  3. Always be optimistic: for that, I advise you to surround yourself with positive people who pull you up. It sounds stupid but, as we often read: we are the average of 5 people with whom we spend most of our time.
  4. Use positive thinking: In each action, focus on the positive rather than the negative. Here is the final outline that you will need to follow: More motivation => More achievements => More results => More motivation … and so on.
keep his motivation scheme

Do not let any bad day take away your right to change your body and make a success of your transformation.

There will be other bad days, even worse …

But that’s not what matters.

What matters is to forge a new body, a new state of mind, a new identity almost.

It’s supposed to be difficult and it’s very good like that.


Now, as you can imagine if you are trying to lose weight without a plan of action, you may be struggling.

At the end of the day, you will know exactly what to eat and in what quantities (according to your weight, your morphology and your level of activity) to lose weight quickly and well.

Every day.

For 12 weeks.

No more headaches not possible to ask what to eat to lose weight.

No more boring diets where you only eat dishes that are bland and not very exciting.

No more excuses that prevent us from getting started and doing what it takes to lose that damn fat.


Today, you finally take control.

(Or rather we take you in hand :), you will understand immediately what I mean by that)

However, all this is not for everyone:

To be able to lose your fat and observe real changes in your figure, you will have to be a serious minimum.

It will not be necessary to follow this plan of action only half and to afford to do anything.