Keep your diet when things are not going well:


How to keep your diet despite hard knocks?

How to persevere when things are not going well?

We often talk about the best ways to organize during a diet.

But we do not address often enough the problems of daily life that will have a negative impact on our weight loss.

Difficulties at work, in studies, problems with relatives, etc …

There are lots of situations that can, unfortunately, cause us to drop everything overnight.

And I agree that when we have to face hardships in our lives, it’s hard to keep enough willpower to go out for sports or to prepare healthy meals.

But it is essential!

Because if we give up, we will add to our problems the disappointment of not being able to persevere …

And even if at first glance, it may seem insurmountable to continue your diet despite the hard knocks, you will see in this article how and why it is extremely important not to give up 😉

The diet is precisely what will allow you to stay the course


To keep control.

Because, when it does not go, we tend to drop everything at once: we do not want to go out to do sports, we do not want to cook anymore, we want to stay in front of the TV/computer…

And in the end, we are even worse, we feel really at the bottom.

Whereas conversely, by keeping a little will and making the effort to play sports and continue to follow his diet, we will feel better:

Sport empties your head, it makes you think of something else. 
The kitchen keeps you busy, concentrating your mind on something else.

to keep one's diet

And in the end, at the end of the day, we will have felt less despair, and instead, we will be proud of having managed to achieve something despite the hard times.

By keeping ourselves busy, we avoid having to think about negative things.

And by spending your energy, you feel better and build your self-confidence.

And it does not stop there :

Physical activity boosts the secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that acts on the joy of living, self-confidence and also regulates sleep, mood, appetite, libido, and body temperature.

When you are depressed or depressed, the serotonin level drops dramatically, which among other things causes all the symptoms of depression.

Sport also promotes the release of endorphins which are also a neurotransmitter. They act as a powerful painkiller and provide euphoria and pleasure.

And when things are not going well, these positive aspects are not to be neglected: everything is good to take.

Staying on course, you pull yourself up rather than letting yourself down to the bottom 😉

So remember that: continue despite a decline in morale will help you back up the slope much faster!

Being aware of it is the first step 😉

For the continuation, it is necessary, as usual, to be a little clever and know how to use the good methods:

The first thing to do is to seek to organize:


This is also the most important thing even if all is well:

The organization is what will allow you to anchor this healthy living environment in your daily life.

And even more so when things are not going well: we tend to leave everything hanging and, in the end, not to do much.

While if we already have a schedule to hold (not necessarily too busy), we already know what to do, we do not have to think about it.

And that makes all the difference 😉

We avoid having to think and plan, everything is ready.

What we need is to change our minds, not clutter our minds with additional questions (where? When? How?).

So if it’s not already done: organize yourself.

And if it is already the case: take your planning 😉

keep a hard blow regime

Once these first two points are understood, we can go to the practical tips as such.

Those that will help you keep your diet, but also feel better – everything is connected!

  • Surround yourself with people who pull you up: will you train with someone will help you not to skip the workouts. Discussing your problems will allow you to distance yourself from your situation and think about it in a more pragmatic and cool way, which is the first step toward liberation
  • Address problems rationally and thoughtfully: what is the cause? What can I influence? What is my margin of action? All of these questions will help you gain height and feel more relaxed about most problems. And on top of that, there’s no better time to think about cold than after a good workout 😉
  • Do not feel guilty in case of cracking: it makes the thing even more difficult, and it tends to prolong or worsen the state in which one finds oneself. On the contrary, just tell yourself that you need a break, that it’s not that bad, that next time you’ll hold your schedule: this is the best way to get started on the right foot
  • If you really need it: take a break! Go away to relax somewhere, disconnected from social networks and anxiety-provoking news. Take time for yourself and those around you. The relaxation will allow you to restart effectively when you have decided (do not over-hang too 😉)
  • Always keep your goals in mind: we can never say it enough, the visualization of objectives is essential to move in the right direction effectively. Having clear, fixed and achievable goals will help you day-to-day make the right choices and keep motivation and willpower. In addition to that, your goals will be like a beacon in your daily life more difficult than usual and will allow you to stay on track more easily while keeping a cool head

This list is obviously not exhaustive: it’s all about realizing your situation and taking action to make it better, rather than waiting for it to improve on its own.

keep his regime sad

In doing so, we will get out of this negative phase more quickly and easily. 
And we will avoid falling too low. We will stay in a healthier state.

So apply what you learned in this article, and think for yourself how to get out of there faster.

Healing lies in action and not in expectation 😉


Now, as you can imagine if you are trying to lose weight without a plan of action, you may be struggling.

At the end of the day, you will know exactly what to eat and in what quantities (according to your weight, your morphology and your level of activity) to lose weight quickly and well.

Every day.

For 12 weeks.

No more headaches not possible to ask what to eat to lose weight.

No more boring diets where you only eat dishes that are bland and not very exciting.

No more excuses that prevent us from getting started and doing what it takes to lose that damn fat.

Today, you finally take control.


(Or rather we take you in hand :), you will understand immediately what I mean by that)

However, all this is not for everyone:

To be able to lose your fat and observe real changes in your figure, you will have to be a serious minimum.

It will not be necessary to follow this plan of action only half and to afford to do anything.