My opinion on Garcinia Cambogia: really a miracle product to lose weight?

I have a scoop! The miracle product to lose weight, natural, totally harmless to the body exists! These are tablets to swallow from the plant Garcinia Cambogia! Well, that was for the advertising slogan. More seriously, I was really intrigued by this product and I must admit that in the face of so many positive testimonials and rather flattering opinions from doctors of all kinds on the subject, I almost confessed to being defeated. But let’s really look at the question …

The Garcinia Camboquoi?
For those who do not understand, it is a plant found mainly in South America, Africa or India. Usually used as a seasoning in various local culinary preparations, it is also known to have certain medical virtues intended to relieve intestinal disorders in particular. There are just under 200 different species listed to date.

The effects?
In fact, Cambogia is a source of AHC, a citric acid that would prevent our enzyme responsible for storing fat in our body from acting. In other words, it would be a natural fat burner that while not forbidding to eat normally what you want, you would also lose weight quickly and effortlessly. You starchy, chocolate, sweets of all kinds, you can enjoy yourself without being afraid of the scales! The dream is not it?

Calms you!
We look more closely, we can quickly realize that some contradictions appear in this observation. Indeed, if sugars are no longer stored as fat, where can they go? Well, that’s where it becomes less fun. Nature is well done, and if your body assimilates sugar and turns it into fat, it is above all to be able to control your blood sugar levels and therefore limit overconsumption harmful to health. So it is easy to imagine that an excess of Garcinia Cambogia will promote a presence of too much blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes and in this case you are good to practice sports prescription.

Then, it is proved according to several studies easily identifiable on the web that it is necessary to absorb a quantity of approximately 1500 mg of extract of our plant daily to have a sufficient contribution in AHC. However, the products sold by commercial geniuses are often much closer to 50 mg. You have understood, it is difficult to believe that you can continue to swallow the meat you want to abundance and imagine eliminating it immediately.

Finally, some side effects have been noted after absorption of this product such as diarrhoea, headache or gas. In addition, medical contraindications do exist for the taking of these substances, especially for individuals with hyperthyroidism or obviously diabetes.

In conclusion :
I sincerely believe that, like many other products on the market regarding weight loss, there is some truth to it and certainly some real positives for people who want to make their curves disappear. But as any excess is not good for the human being, too unrestrained consumption of the attributes of this plant will necessarily be bad for your health in the medium or long term. Without counting that I really advise to all the people likely to be interested in these tablets to be wary of the effects of ads and other arguments ultra sellers who still serve mainly to make you spend money for quality often less obvious than expected. Find a normal diet instead and jog for example,

And what is your opinion?