Self-confidence or pretense, the border is thin …

Self-confidence or pretense, the border is thin ...

We are in a really weird time or maybe it’s just our weird country. We always want more exploits to satisfy our desire to be constantly impressed in a period when the normal has become an outdated trend.

Yet, we little French can not help very often to criticize the one who manages to impress us and realize what we can not do at the moment. We often hear expressions such as “the feast of this guy! “. It is enough that this person adds a layer by saying that he is aware of his qualities so that he is perceived as someone with a huge melon!

So I often say to myself that between self-confidence and pretense, the border is thin …

Be self-confident

It is clear that self-confidence no matter the field is important in my opinion to have chances to succeed in one way or another in something. This has less to have a chance of crazy like some who are not capable of anything and who have everything that falls into their arms. There is nothing more annoying, but let’s get on with it for the moment.

All this to tell you, that being aware of one’s qualities and having a minimum of self-esteem, one can not help anymore to be able to face the jungle that is our life in society. People judge us easily, the slightest mistake is synonymous with failure for a good time sometimes even life, so it is obvious that it takes a minimum of mental strength to believe in its chances of success in general and especially in sports.

The particularity of sport and bodybuilding is that it develops this confidence and in particular allowed me to cross levels that I certainly would not have crossed before.

So I can tell you today, yes I can do a series of one hand pumps easily and I have more abs than most of the guys in my room (I know there is obviously better ). There you say that I am someone pretentious. Yet this is not the case at all, I am simply aware of some of my qualities and I am able to prove what I am saying.

If someone asks me if I can create a shop on the web, I would say yes and it’s easy enough. It’s just that I know how to do it, I’m not going to reduce my abilities right now so that others do not feel hurt or belittled by them.

To show off

Now that self-confidence is pretty much defined, let’s talk about pretension. If the first thing is to be aware of its qualities and a useful weapon to move forward in its projects, what is the act of farting?

En fait, la différence à mon sens réside surtout dans le fait d’être capable de faire ce que l’on dit, tout simplement. Par exemple, je pourrais vous dire que je suis capable de soulever 160 kilos au développé couché actuellement ou vendre n’importe quoi à n’importe qui, mais je serais incapable de le prouver en l’état actuel des choses. Ce serait donc des arguments que j’utiliserais juste pour vous en mettre plein les yeux, en gros ce serait de la pure apparence pour se donner une image plus attrayante.

The assumption is also a kind of weapon to get things in life, but an unjust weapon that can be counterproductive in the long run. In fact, if society discovers that you have only been lying and you are inventing enormous capacities or a crazy life and that in reality, behind nothing of that, you will pass for a little pretentious at best, a big puppet or big myth at worst. I advise you so strongly.

Why do people confuse the two?

In fact, I do not think people are so ignorant about this about lies or hypocrisy. Which means that they know very well who of those who announce things to them are pretentious or just trust them, but yet the first reaction that will come when a guy says he is able to do something easily he is farting.

In my opinion, this reaction is only a simple, unconscious defense. Yes, it is humane to minimize the abilities of others to reassure oneself and, on the other hand, to try to keep face in front of someone better than oneself.

Starting from this principle, it is much easier to say that someone is pretentious rather than simply classy or talented in one area or another. Jealousy is a bad thing, but it’s shared by so many people in many different ways. Many of us want to be the best or at least very strong in an activity or just dreaming about someone else’s life. The reflex is to discredit the person who embodies what we want to be maybe.


Yes, if I can prove what I say outright, I have confidence in myself. On the other hand, if I put forward capacities and qualities more important than the reality, for the sole purpose of benefiting from a better image or better virtual results, well I am a big pretentious person who deserves to make me burn by the people around me.

The simplest way to develop your confidence in your friends is to practice without stopping whether in sports or any other field. Slow down all the barriers that prevent you from moving forward and you will be able to prove to all those who find you pretentious that you are able to prove what you are saying.