The 10 psychological benefits of sport

I will not tell you anything by saying that physical activity is good for your health. This is what everyone says in general and it’s also what everyone knows while not really getting started.

I will not tell you here a simple phrase like “sport can help you lose weight” because it’s all relative.

Well-being is a philosophy of life and to feel perfectly well in your body, you must assemble a multitude of little things that will eventually make you no longer ashamed of your body.

When I talk about well being, I’m talking about the physical, but I’m also talking about the mind. The two are linked and here to the sport can bring you a lot of things, provided you persevere in your efforts.

Here are  10 psychological benefits of sport that may help you get started!

1. You will feel better.

A bit basic as a good start but at the same time, it’s so true! Even if you are not a regular sportsman, you must have already felt this feeling of well being after having had an activity that required a lot of energy. Physical activity develops a substance called endorphin that is responsible for a sense of well-being that you can feel. A feeling so nice that you will only want to taste it again. Sport is the best way to achieve these effects and as you practice regularly, your body will secrete more and more of our favourite substance, which will engage you in a positive spiral and a general sense of calm.

2. Decreased pressure and stress in general

Who says feeling good, says stress resistance more important. Sport is stressful for the body, it’s no secret, and the more your body will be subjected to this stress-related to the sport, the more it will manage to mitigate the effects. You will become stronger against the pressure and it will only help you in your daily activities in a society where we are always asked for more and less money.

3. A feeling of self-confidence.

By playing sports, we feel good, strong, effective! In other words, we have self-confidence! Taking care of your body and changing physically as you go, you will be proud of yourself. You will feel like a new person and feel better overall. The basics will then be laid for you to have the weapons to face the many trials of life with full confidence.

4. Better tolerance to pain.

It’s a bit the result of what I said first. Playing sports means being violent, and violence sometimes says pain. To be effective, it is necessary that the efforts remain efforts so that they are difficult enough to realize so that your body can adapt and progress. It is this progression that will allow you to be more effective in managing pain and your tolerance to it will be increased. (Tips to progress here)

5. Better intellectual abilities.

I stop you right now, you will not become the new genius of the 21st century while playing sports, but you will also be able to lay the foundations to be more efficient every day. Regular sports can increase the production of cells and nerve connections, leaving you with better learning ability. Well, I advise you not to try to learn a math theorem directly after the session, but rather the next day!

6. Improvement of your character.

It is often said that it is impossible to change someone’s character. I think it’s actually difficult, but we can still add some qualities that can be useful. An athlete is a determined and disciplined person in order to achieve the goals he has set for himself. It is obvious that by persevering in the sport, you will be forced to have or develop these qualities and the more you will advance, the more you will know what you want next.

7. Help against an addiction.

Speaking of the “sports prescription” device, I wanted to show you how sport can be used to fight health problems. It can be the same for addictions. By becoming an accomplished sportsman, you will inculcate a personal discipline of iron and through an adapted sporting routine, it is possible that you can evacuate more easily different types of harmful addictions.

8. Reduce anxiety and channel energy.

Anxiety can also be the result of too much energy that can not always be channelled. Using this energy in performing physical activity can help you relax better on a daily basis and learn to better manage your emotions. Personally, I can not stand sitting, I always feel like I’m wasting my time, and it’s only after a good weight training or cardio session that I feel comfortable doing nothing in my couch or in my bed.

9. Fight depression.

We know that the French are the biggest consumers of anti-depressants in the world. So, when you’re gorging yourself on drugs, try to find other solutions to break the negative spiral you may find yourself in sometimes. Depression is actually a chemical imbalance in the brain, the sport helps to produce more positive substances. One can easily imagine that regular activity can help to restore balance on the right side, from your side!

10. Release more charm

I think that the charm is above all an impression that one releases physically, but when one is charming, one feels better in our body and thus in our head. Even if athletes and especially bodybuilders are victims of many clichés, it is certain that you will always get better at first sight by having a muscular body and a mentality of someone who advances and who knows what he wants. To say the opposite would be to lie and as a shy old boy in school, I can tell you that sport has changed my life that way!

I especially made this list to give you reasons to start a process of recovery through physical exercise. It is obvious that this list is not exhaustive and that you will find your own benefits by perseverance. Each person having started a regular sports practice has found this approach very productive in terms of psychological well-being.

More reasons not to try, get started!