What to eat in case of small without feeling guilty? 4 Ideas

Who has never been in the morning or afternoon? The gurgling belly, boredom to fill, a stress to fight in short, there are many reasons that can lead us to feel the need to eat something between meals.

So of course, it is still often advisable today not to snack between meals, but we are talking about sure bad snacking, which is very often responsible for the fact that you do not see the results related to all the efforts that you agreed.

However reassure you, it is also allowed and especially for the neo-sportsman that you are to eat regularly in the day, to maintain an active metabolism constantly and to grow your work!

Just think of eating better! Here are my food ideas that you can eat in case of depression without feeling guilty.

1. The fruits.

So yes, you say it’s a classic and the adage inviting us to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day is enough to remind you.

But I just wanted to tell you that there is a multitude of different fruits and that each one has enough richness to fill you with a feeling of sudden hunger.

The most common are banana, apple, mandarin, kiwi, to a lesser extent mango or pineapple. In short, you have to choose, but they are your allies to give you the energy to hold until the end of the day.

2. Full bread

I think it’s the food I recommend the most right now. I must confess that I have long shunned this bread because I found it rather dry, but today, I wonder why I was not more interested before.

It’s simple, if you assume that the classic bread is often full of sugar, you will already understand much better the interest of this product.

There are a lot of bread varieties nowadays in the bakery department and nothing better than cereal bread-like yeast or millet to fill a sudden feeling of hunger without bad consequences.

3. Dried fruits

I spoke to you earlier of the fruits, but I was going to forget the dry fruits which we do not often think, unfortunately.

Rich in protein and good fats, they are perfect to accompany you during your gourmet getaways in the middle of the afternoon. You will find a lot of different kinds of dried fruits, like nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cranberry berries, goji berries, etc …

In addition to being good for the health, they will make you discover new sensations of taste.

4. The white cheese 0%

My favourite! Since I started playing sports, specifically bodybuilding, I very often eat a small bowl of white cheese in front of the TV in the evening.

Obviously, I advise you 0% for you to avoid the bad fats and do not hesitate to use the stevia to give it a small sweet taste. Ideal to be stalled quickly, you can eat in large quantities without worrying.

So of course, many other ideas can be proposed for you to nibble without remorse but I preferred to offer the ones I use most often.

To put it simply, let’s say that we must avoid products such as pastries, salty, bad sweets (sweets, etc …) in large quantities and focus more on foods containing mostly nutrients such as proteins, good fats ( omega 3, etc.), iron rather than carbohydrates or lipids.

To you to taste and especially do not forget, as my doctor says, all excess is bad for the health!